TFT Essentials of Indiana Gun Law

Essentials of Indiana Gun Law

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Essentials of Indiana Gun Law is a three-hour course that covers the most important legal issues for every Indiana gun owner. This includes locations where the possession of firearms is prohibited state, federal or local laws. The class also defines the justifiable use of force (including deadly force) under Indiana Gun Law and avoiding criminal prosecution for crimes involving firearms such as criminal recklessness, intimidation and “pointing a firearm.”

Understanding Indiana Gun Law and your rights to utilize it is essential for anyone who chooses to carry. Much of the information learned in this course is not common knowledge and may, in fact, save your life at some point. Indiana is a gun friendly state and chooses to empower its citizens to adequately protect themselves. I have taken the course myself. I found it informative and I was pleased to learn that I had more rights than I thought I did. So do you! Knowledge is power and the power to seek it is in your hands!

The more you know and understand your guns and your rights to use them, the more prepared you are to handle a situation where you may have to. Taking responsibility for your own safety is the only logical decision. It is illogical to not take responsibility for your understanding of your rights to use it. At its core, choosing to use a gun may seem quite simple. Understanding Indiana Gun Law makes it easier to understand when to appropriately use it and what to do if in the aftermath.

I want to invite everyone to participate in the Essentials of Indiana Gun Law. I want to encourage you to make a difference in your own life and in other people’s lives as well. This course is just the beginning of a powerful journey to taking control of your own life and the ability to protect it.

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