Firearms Rental

Indy Arms has had the largest selection of firearms in Indianapolis, IN. Of course, you can bring your own firearms too, and with a selection that’s continually growing, we’re sure to have a gun here that you’ve been waiting to try out.

Rental Prices

  • Handguns: $10.00 (Age 21+)
  • Long Guns: $15.00 (Age 18+)

Try it before you buy it

When you’re in the market for a new gun, it can be tough to make a decision without trying it out first – just like when buying a new car. That’s why we started the “Try it before you buy it” program.

If the same model you’re interested in buying is available as a gun rental at our shooting range, you can now test the firearm with one loaded magazine (5 rounds of ammo included) for $9.99 before buying. If you then decide to buy the same model brand new at our firearms counter, you’ll instantly receive $9.99 off the purchase price! Please see our Obetz store for more details.


Brugger & Thomet1TP9-US19x19mmPISTOL
Brugger & Thomet2TP9-US29x19mmPISTOL
Brugger & Thomet3TP9-US39x19mmPISTOL