Introductory Self-Defense Rifle

Introduction to Defensive Rifle

Introduction to Defensive Rifle is an informational and hands-on class in the use of the modern semi-automatic rifle as a home defense weapon.  The class is based on the most common self-defense rifles, of which the AR15 platform is the overwhelmingly dominant example.  The Ruger Mini-14 (based on the Garand platform) and the AK family of rifles (commonly but incorrectly referred to as the AK47) are also suitable for the class.

Rifles are extremely effective home self-defense weapons, and they have both advantages and limitations.  These need to be understood and respected to use the rifle effectively and safely.

Rifle handling safety, range safety, and safe storage are addressed.  We will go through the basic operating systems of these platforms, and the most common malfunctions.  We will practice basic handling, operation, loading and unloading with dummy ammunition in the classroom, and proper mounting of the rifle and use of the sights.  The course concludes with live-fire session on the range, shot at various distances and speeds.  And can be shot with both iron sights and with optics if those are available.  It is important to have usable iron sights on the firearm.  Optics can be finicky, depend on batteries, and can sometimes be difficult to dial in.

This course will consist of about 2 ½ hours of classroom material and practice, and about 1 ½ hours of live-fire range time. The class is nominally four hours in length, but sometimes runs a bit longer, based on student questions.

Students typically fire about 100 rounds of ammunition.

Course Goal
“To allow the student to understand the operation and appropriate use of the defensive semi-auto rifle, and to provide information and basics that will allow the student to practice and improve those skills.”


  1. Basic Rifle, Home and Range Safety
  2. Rifle Operating Systems.
  3. Common Malfunctions.
  4. Loading and Unloading
  5. Proper Mounting and Sighting Technique
  6. Live Fire Range Exercises
  7. Equipment and Ammunition
  8. Review and Questions


Course Completion
Students will receive an Indy Arms Corporation certificate of attendance upon completion of the course.

Cost:  $99.00

Includes all course handouts.



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Introductory Self-Defense Rifle
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