GunSmith Services

Sight Installation

  • Most modern pistols, starting at $30.00. *

Gun Cleaning

  • Pistol and Rifles – Field strip and Clean, $30.00. Add $30.00 for Ultrasonic.

Parts replacement

  • Retail cost of part plus $60/hour (minimum $30) for installation, plus ammo if test fire is required

Trigger Installation

  • Replacement trigger installation, starting at $35*

Pistol Barrel Installation

  • Custom fit new pistol barrel, $60/hour (minimum $30)

Scope Mounting

  • Install mounts / rings, $40

Bore Sighting

  • Laser bore sighting of a mounted scope, $10

AR Upper and Lower Assembly

  • Complete upper or lower, $35

Firearms Setup and Zero

  • Rifles – mount equipment, bore sight, live fire and zeroing, starting at $75 plus ammo

Gun Reassembly (Bag-O-Gun)

  • $60/hour (minimum $30)

Refinishing Services

  • Ceracote for Pistols and Rifles starts at $150

Moly Resin

  • Coating has Lubricity Properties and starts at $150

Gun Clearing

  • (live round in chamber or squib in barrel), $60/hour (minimum $30)

Function Check / Test Fire

  • Check and live fire, Straight time, $60/hour (minimum $30), plus ammo


NOTE:  * – Free installation if equipment is purchased from Indy Arms Company