Fundamentals of Armed Self Defense


Indy Arms Fundamentals of Armed Self-Defense addresses the important questions that almost everyone has about the legal framework, psychological issues, and tactical realities of an armed self-defense encounter. In the real world, these events are never the way they are portrayed in the media, and the “folk wisdom” that surrounds the subject is usually dangerously wrong. This class is designed to give the individual who already possesses or carries a firearm for self-defense a basic understanding of the issues involved, and to assist those who are contemplating this in making an informed decision.

This course is entirely classroom, although there will be ample opportunity to handle and inspect various firearms and other defensive tools. The class is nominally three hours in length, but may be expected to run longer, as there are usually numerous questions and a lot of discussion. Indy Arms also offers a practical, hands-on tactical shooting class, Tactical Pistol, and Concealed Carry that serve as companion courses to this offering. This class has been developed by experts on Indy Arms staff, including nationally recognized authors and presenters, career law-enforcement trainers, and court recognized experts in use-of-force. The class will be taught by experts in this field.

Students will receive a detailed course handout and additional information on available resources.

Course Goal

“To familiarize the student with the basic legal information and framework that applies to armed self defense, and to prepare the student for the law-enforcement, legal, psychological, and tactical events that can be expected during and after such an encounter.”


  1. Basic Firearm Safety
  2. The Legal Framework of armed self defense
  3. Psychological/mindset preparation for an armed encounter
  4. The Psychological events that occur during an armed encounter
  5. Tactical/Skills preparation for an armed encounter
  6. The Tactical Realities of an armed encounter
  7. Dealing with Law Enforcement Response after armed encounter
  8. Dealing with Legal and Personal issues after an armed encounter


None. If you already own or carry a firearm for self defense, this is information you should have. If you are considering this, it will assist you in making that decision. Course Completion Students will receive an Indy Arms Corporation certificate of attendance upon completion of the course. Students who complete this course along with the Indy Arms Tactical Pistol and Concealed Carry classes will receive a certificate of completion for Indy Arms 6-hour Defensive Handgun.



Includes all course materials.


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Fundamentals of Armed Self Defense
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