With multiple class offerings, ranging from the beginner to the experienced shooter, there is a class for everyone! We have temperature controlled classrooms at Indy Arms Company and a wide range of dates and times to meet your needs. All classes are taught by an Certified Instructor and all class room and shooting happens in our facility. You can register for any of our classes online – click here for the training calendar.

Private Lessons

  • Looking for one-on-one personal attention
  • Standard and Senior Instructors are available
  • Schedule any time – online booking system coming soon. Please call for more details.
  • Cost: Junior Instructor $ 45/hr, Senior Instructor $ 60/hr (hourly per person)

First Steps

Would you like to have someone help you get started shooting?

  • 30 Minutes – 15 minutes of firearms safety and 15 minutes of instruction on the range
  • One-On-One Instruction
  • Offered Daily (depending on staff availability)
  • Cost: $ 20 1/2 hr

Introduction To Handgun

  • 2 Hours – 1 Hour in the classroom and 1 Hour on the range
  • Small Class Size
  • Use of a handgun, eye and ear protection, target, and ammunition is included.
  • Offered several time per week or by reservation (24 hour minimum notice to book)
  • Cost: $59.00
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Basic Defensive Handgun

Basic Defensive Handgun takes the introduction to handgun class to a deeper depth with a focus on the basic, practical, hands-on class use of a handgun in self defense.

  • 4 Hours – 3 Hours of Classroom and 1 hour live fire
  • Basic Firearm and Range Safety
  • Dry Handling and review of Basics.
  • Range Exercises
  • Review and Questions
  • Offered monthly
  • Cost: $ 99.95
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Fundamentals of Armed Self-Defense