Introduction to Handgun


This is a basic course directed to people with little or no firearms experience to provide them with a fun and safe way to be introduced to handguns and shooting.  Attendees enjoy a comfortable, clean, safe, low pressure fun environment.

This class is divided into two sessions.  The classroom session lasting 60 to 90 minutes will cover the fundamentals of good handgun shooting, grip, stance, sight picture, and trigger control in the “dry-handling” portion of the class.  The range session will provide students with practical application to build skill and competence in an easy-to-master way.

Students fire about 80-100 rounds of ammunition during the live fire session.  We wrap up with a closing session in the classroom to review the lessons and answer questions.  From this you will be able to form some basic conclusions about not only handguns and shooting, but your own interest(s) in related recreational and personal protection areas.

The class includes the personal instruction, training material, class room and range time, rental gun, target and eye and ear protection. You may bring your own eye and ear protection if you prefer.  If you have your own gun, feel free to bring it

The class is available daily at different times, please call or go online to schedule.



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