Firearms Transfer Policy

Indy Arms Company (IAC) relies on the FBI National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) to conduct the required background for all firearms sales or transfers.  When a NICS background check is conducted, one of three results will be returned – PROCEED, DELAYED, or DENIED.

If a customer receives a status other than PROCEED, there are two options to continue.

DELAYED – Customer may place a deposit of at least 50% on the firearm to hold it until the NICS system returns a final result or the delay period expires.  If customer declines to leave a deposit, the firearm will be returned to inventory and will not be held for customer, and IAC will not contact the customer when a final result is received from NICS.  The firearm sale may proceed if IAC does not receive a final result from NICS within 7 days.

DENIED – In the event that the background check status is DENIED, this will end the sale or transfer of any firearm to the customer.