Indy Arms Company is hosting a GSSF Indoor League events! We will be shooting the Course of fire option “A” this is going to be 5 magazines of 10 rounds each and will be a 500 Club qualifying course of fire. It will be at distances from 15 to 75 feet.

Please have all your magazines loaded prior to coming in for the event. Do NOT load your pistol before coming in; we will load on the firing line.

If this is your first time visiting or shooting at Indy Arms, please visit our website and fill out the waiver.

The first course of fire will cost $20, The second course of fire will be $15 and the pocket division will be $10.


Oct 8th 3-6 PM
Nov 12th 3-6 PM
Dec 10th 3-6 PM

October 8 GSSF match results

Click here to pre-register for the November 12 GSSF Indoor League Match!

Click here to pre-register for the December 10 GSSF Indoor League Match!

Indy Arms Company
2550 East 55th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46220
(317) 231 – 5545